Maruti Genuine Accessories

A car is like an extension of your personality. We at Beekay Distributors Pvt. Ltd, provide you with an extensive array of accessories for your Maruti car that best suits you. Our accessories make you feel at home in your car and please your aesthetic senses. Accessories give your car that extra oomph with alloy wheels or rear spoilers. You can style your car to suits your taste. After all, what you drive is who you are.


Maruti Genuine Accessories (MGA) is priced very competitively and offers the customer best quality and value for their money. MGA is a new initiative to offer you high-quality accessories at competitive prices. Every MGA item has perfect mechanical and electrical compatibility with the vehicle and offers you unmatched performance.


You can find the broadest possible range of Maruti Genuine Accessories such as steering wheel covers, car seat covers, car floor mats, car sun shades, car covers, car seat cushions, alloy wheels, audio systems, power windows, central locking and much more. With our fashionable accessories, you can turn your car into your second home. Our accessories are ideal for those who want to modify and beautify their cars. If you have any queries, please contact or email at the following:

Type City Phone No. Email ID
Warehouse Lucknow (+91) 522 605 3100
(+91) 522 243 2072
Warehouse Haldwani (+91) 5946 23 4242
Retail Outlet Lucknow (+91) 522 407 2457
Retail Outlet Lucknow (+91) 522 656 2355
Retail Outlet Rai Bareilly (+91) 535 270 1516
Retail Outlet Gonda (+91) 526 223 3113