Shell Lubricants

Business in Lubricants initially commenced in the late 90s on business association with Tide Water on their tie-up with Eicher Motors Ltd under Beekay Distributors (Eicher Division). Thereafter different Divisions of Beekay Distributors took up this business individually for the Lubricants approved by their respective principals. This arrangement still continues.

However, Beekay Motors later entered into an agreement with Bharat Shell India Limited for distribution of their Lubricants in Lucknow and surrounding markets in April 2009. With its own Business Head and marketing team.

Shell Lubricants is the global market share leader in finished lubricants with 13% of the market in volume terms, according to ‘Competitive Intelligence from the Global Lubricants Industry, 2006-2016′, by Kline, which essentially means that the company sold more lubricants in 2008 than any other company in the world.


Shell has been ‘first to market’ with many lubricant innovations, and the company’s commitment to research and development reflects that it is well placed to introduce the next generation of world-leading lubricants. Shell lubricants are manufactured at a global network of base oil plants, blending plants and grease plants before delivery to customers through distribution facilities worldwide. Shell has five lubricants research and development centers in UK, Germany, France, US & Japan.

Shell Lubricants makes and sells more than 3,000 different lubricants to meet customer needs across a wide range of applications, marketed in approximately 120 countries. These include consumer motoring, commercial transport, mining, food processing and power generation.

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