C & F Agency

In the year 2007, Beekay applied to Mahindra and Mahindra limited and were offered a Carrying and Forwarding Agency (CFA) beside a Distributorship for their Automotive and Tractor Parts.


While the latter was taken up through our firm Beekay Distributors, the CFA was taken up under the banner of our another firm Beekay Motors. It involved receiving, accounting, holding and preserving their auto and tractor parts and accessories on their behalf and dispatching these as per the orders generated through their system to their customers wherever they are for a consideration of a certain fee.


Impressed by the quality of management and service, Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd has since upgraded it to a regional CFA, holding and handling stock from around Rs 1.5 Crores previously to around upward of Rs 3 Crores with average monthly dispatches crossing 1 Crores during last year. This reflects their confidence in Beekay’s capabilities.

Creating additional storage capacity and completing induction & training of additional manpower within short span of time to handle this increased work load without affecting quality & efficiency of service was accomplished through inbuilt appreciable resilience of the management and staff. Over a period we have developed good expertise and efficiency within the Beekay Group to match up to such short notice exigencies in this field of business as well.