Auto part’s distribution, a core business of Beekay group, is highly dependent on efficient logistic arrangements. Cost on transportation & transit insurance of material and delays/damages therein affect it not mere proportionately but much higher.

In order to achieve efficiency in store delivery, strengthen direct contact with customers, build up & spread Beekay’s brand image, minimize transit losses and achieve economy in operations, a central logistics department was created since year 2007 to cater to the needs of all Beekay businesses operating from its Lucknow premises.

It is managed by a departmental head with a supervisor and an assistant and has a fleet of 20 pick up vans & LCVs with its own support staff. Much of the dispatches are executed through our own fleet under a door delivery concept. Rest is undertaken through suitable and convenient private transporters. Beekay Logistics handles both type of transport operations to achieve the objectives set out for it.

Customer preference certainly weighs in favor of own Beekay fleet which of course is being expanded gradually. But considering that private transporters with their enormous net work cannot be discounted because of over own capacity limitations and financial viability on many a routes. Beekay will thus continue with a mix of both these arrangements. It will however always give priority to efficiency, safety of material and economy of operations in the interest of our valued customers and our business.