logo How to lose weight by the summer of 7 exercises that will help to quickly remove the stomach and sagging skin

How to lose weight by the summer of 7 exercises that will help to quickly remove the stomach and sagging skin

Effective exercises for the press, hips and buttocks, which will relieve excess weight, help to remove Bench press standing up from behind the head, with chest - exercise, technique the stomach and eliminate flabbiness in the most "problematic" women's places.

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Strength training for women is one of the most important factors for fast weight loss. It is no secret that many women want to remove their stomach with weight-lifting exercises at fitness, lose a few kilos of weight, eliminate flabby arms and legs, and give muscles a good tone.

Today I will tell readers on 7days.ru about the most effective exercises for losing weight and creating a beautiful figure for the summer, as well as how to choose the right weight to lose weight without gaining unwanted muscle mass. , -Anastasia Yurkova, Master trainer in the direction of group programs of the federal network of fitness clubsX-fit.

How to make a workout plan and choose the right weight burden?

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To tighten loose skin with the help of strength exercises, it is necessary to choose the right weight and choose a multi-repetitive mode (3 sets of 15-20 repetitions each, with a break for rest 30-60 seconds), aimed at eliminating loose skin in the most "problematic" women's places: on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen Boldenone undecylenate Injectable Steroids - Bodybuilding - Steroids - USA and arms.

The weight testosterone cypionate injection for sale in california of the weight should be taken such that the last two repetitions are performed with effort. If it is difficult for you by the middle of the approach, then the weight is excessive, and if the last two repetitions were easy, you need to increase the weight of the burden.

We will begin our workout aimed at losing weight, tightening loose skin and weight loss, with legs. Then we will load hands steroids sale andriol testocaps testosterone undecanoate 40mg, and we will finish with twisting on a press and hitch.

7 strength exercises that will save women from loose skin

1. Barbell Squats

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Basic exercise to work out the muscles of the legs. You can perform it anywhere: at home with dumbbells or in the hall in the power frame with a barbell. If your working weight is less than the weight of the neck (less than 20 kg), use bodybuilder.

Equipment:place the feet slightly wider than the pelvis, place the barbell on the top of the trapezium (or lower the arms with the dumbbells along the body). Pulling the pelvis back, squat until parallel with the floor. Starting from the heels, return to the starting position. Repeat.

2. Lumbar attacks

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Perform this exercise with dumbbells. To comply with the correct technique it is better to do static attacks, that is, first squat from the raznozhka position, putting the right leg in front. Perform alternately for each leg.

Equipment.Starting position "raznozhka", in front of the standing leg rests on the foot, behind the standing foot on the foot. Take the dumbbells in your hands, drop down to a 90 angle in both knee joints, keeping your back upright. Then return to the starting position.

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3. Hip abduction

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Exercise can be performed sitting in the simulator or alternately How to lose weight with the help of jogging - a training program and useful tips - All about treadmills with each leg from a standing position, using a weighting agent. This complex is perfectly working on the gluteal muscles.

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